Resources For The Church

PRAYING WITH EYES WIDE OPEN is more than a book. It is designed to be a growth experience that can be enjoyed by one person, a small group, a class, or an entire congregation. Ideally, the learning happens on three levels:

There is a four-week-long Bible reading guide provided on this website. Participants can meet with God, one-on-one, and allow the Holy Spirit to teach them each day as they read the Bible. They can also follow along by reading the book, Praying with Eyes Wide Open.

Praying with Eyes Wide Open can also include learning together as a congregation for four weeks of worship services. Preaching resources and ideas are provided at no cost on this website.

There is a four-week small group video curriculum that provides teaching for each topic of study in Praying with Eyes Wide Open at no cost on this website. There are also four weeks of small group materials available.


When we take time to learn on all three levels— personal, church-wide, and in small groups— the lessons go deep and can last for a lifetime.


Campaign Resources

We have tried to provide as much support as we can to help you walk through Praying With Eyes Wide Open in a way that will propel you deeper into the world of prayer than you have ever gone before.


Praying with Eyes Wide Open, Small Group videos

This four-week teaching curriculum follows the sections of the book. Each video session is from 10 to 15 minutes long and will provide teaching to launch your small group into a rich and meaningful discussion about real life issues and biblical truths surrounding all of the topics addressed in Praying with Eyes Wide Open.  

Small Group Discussion Questions

Provided at no cost on this website is a four-week small group study. Rather than publish a separate small group guide and charge people, we wanted to give these resources away for free. These questions will help your group dig into the Bible as well as the topics of the book. Most importantly, they will help you apply the truth of the Scriptures to your life and create a place for group sharing and the accountability we all need.

Preaching Resources

Every preacher and communicator has their own style and approach to proclaiming God’s Word. What we have provided are four weeks of seed material to get you started on writing messages for a Praying with Eyes Wide Open series. I don’t expect any preacher to try to follow these resources just as they are printed. But, we have included ideas, illustrations, biblical content, and a wealth of resources to get you started. In the preaching resources you will find four weeks of material to help as you shape and prepare a biblical message that fits your church and unique ministry setting.

We have also developed one sermon for those who want to spend just one week on the topic of Praying with Eyes Wide Open.


Bible Reading Guide

Here is a four-week Bible reading program that will tie in perfectly with the reading of the book, the preaching of the Praying with Eyes Wide Open messages, and the small group resources.

Church Campaign Schedule  

Praying with Eyes Wide Open is designed to be a four-week, church-wide experience. This document provides a simple process for leading your church through Praying with Eyes Wide Open. We suggest ten weeks for the whole process so you can ramp up for a great church-wide experience.

Marketing Materials

As you seek to promote the Praying with Eyes Wide Open series, we have provided a few items that will help you get the word out: